Ehrenstein Castle and Ehrenstein Castle Gardens

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Ehrenstein Castle and Ehrenstein Castle Gardens
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99885 Ohrdruf

Country & region

> Thuringia [Freistaat / free state]
> Gotha [Landkreis / county]


International Friends´ Association for the Natural and Cultural Heritage (IFANCH)

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Ehrenstein Castle in Ohrdruf is a four-winged Renaissance castle, which was built in the years 1550-1590 (AD).
Structural expansions of the 17th century AD as well as baroque transformations since the mid-18th century AD followed.
In German, Ehrenstein Castle is referred to as “Schloss Ehrenstein”.
There is proof of predecessor buildings.
The castle had an eventful history characterised by repeated conversions, damage, structural expansions and re-utilisations.
Reconstruction and renovation work was carried out as of 1971 as well as in the following decades until the year 2013.
These activities included also the redesign of the castle garden respectively.
Ehrenstein Castle is regarded as one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in Central Germany.
The castle is protected as a historic monument including its main buildings and annexes. Open spaces are protected as well.
On November 26, 2013, large parts of the building complex as well as of the works of art and the cultural heritage existing there were destroyed or badly damaged as a result of a fire of the roof truss, either through the fire itself or through the extinguishing agents used for fire-fighting.
The cost to rebuild Ehrenstein Castle amount to over 10 million euros.
Donations are meant to contribute to the preservation, the restoration or the reconstruction of the building complex or its castle gardens and, wherever possible, meant to support the restoration, reconstruction or the replacement of destroyed objects of art or cultural objects.
The support of projects from the field of science and research that are focused on these goals is included as well.
In addition, measures or facilities serving for visitor information or visitor orientation can also be supported.

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