Harbke Manor House and Harbke Manor House Gardens

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Harbke Manor House and Harbke Manor House Gardens
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39365 Harbke

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> Saxony-Anhalt [Land / state]
> Börde [Landkreis / county]


International Friends´ Association for the Natural and Cultural Heritage (IFANCH)

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Harbke Manor House is a two-winged Renaissance castle, which was built on the foundations of a moated castle in the years 1572-1586 (AD), but which has only remained as a ruined building.
In German, Harbke Manor House is referred to as “Schloss Harbke”.
The ruins of the manor house are composed of two building wings which are arranged in a perpendicular way to each other and which are connected by a polygonal stair turret.
After 1955, Harbke Manor House was no longer used and decayed increasingly.
The gardens situated adjacent to the manor house and designed in the style of an English landscape garden are remarkable.
They contain many exotic plant species as well as an orangery built in the neo-Gothic style.
Donations are meant to contribute to the preservation, restoration or renovation of Harbke Manor House and its gardens as well as of the architectural elements, features and structures that exist or used to exist there.
The support of projects from the field of science and research that are focused on these goals is included as well.
In addition, measures or facilities serving for visitor information or visitor orientation can also be supported.

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