Rötteln Castle (Lörrach Castle)

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Rötteln Castle (Lörrach Castle)
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Local position

Burgruine Rötteln
79541 Lörrach

Country & region

> Baden-Württemberg [Land / state]
> Lörrach [Landkreis / county]


International Friends´ Association for the Natural and Cultural Heritage (IFANCH)

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Rötteln Castle is a spur castle, which was first mentioned in a document in the 13th century AD.
In English, the castle may also be labelled as "Lörrach Castle". By contrast, the castle is referred to as “Burg Rötteln” in German.
Rötteln Castle was extended in the 14th and 15th century AD. After that, modernisation work took place in the 16th century AD.
Finally, the castle was reinforced in a fortress-like manner in the 17th century AD. In the course of this, a pointed bastion, which was built in the southern forefield, played an important role.
Nevertheless, the castle had already largely lost its value as a fortification. Though, the castle served also as an administrative centre and as a prison.
In the Thirty Years´ War (1618-1648), Rötteln Castle was repeatedly attacked and conquered, or surrendered by its garrison respectively.
In the Franco-Dutch War or Dutch War respectively (1672-1678), the castle was also attacked and conquered.
In 1678, a fire destroyed large parts of the building complex.
In the course of the Nine Years´ War (1688-1697), the pointed bastion, located on the southern outskirts, was completely razed in the year 1689.
The damage caused by wars as well as the theft of building materials changed the structure more and more into a ruined building.
First physical safeguarding measures concerning the castle ruin were carried out in the first half of the 19th century AD.
Further physical safeguarding measures and restoration work followed in the second half of the 19th century AD, in the 20th century AD as well as at the beginning of the 21st century AD.
Rötteln Castle is subdivided into an upper ward (upper bailey), a lower ward (lower bailey) as well as a bastion platform.
The upper ward includes, among other structures, a keep (north tower), a south tower, which was used as a prison, and a residential portion, the so-called palas. The lower ward included, inter alia, a local record office and different outbuildings. Finally, the bastion platform is the area where the pointed bastion was located, which, however, had already been razed at the end of the 17th century AD.
Donations are meant to contribute to the preservation, restoration or renovation of Rötteln Castle as well as to the preservation, restoration or renovation of the individual structures, architectural elements and features that still exist or used to exist there.
The support of projects from the field of science and research that are focused on these goals is included as well.
In addition, measures or facilities serving for visitor information or visitor orientation can also be supported.

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