St. Sixtus´ Church in Merseburg

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St. Sixtus´ Church in Merseburg
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06217 Merseburg (Saale)

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> Saxony-Anhalt [Land / state]
> Saalekreis [Landkreis / county]


International Friends´ Association for the Natural and Cultural Heritage (IFANCH)

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St. Sixtus´ Church in Merseburg is a Romanesque church, which came into existence in AD 1045.
In German, St. Sixtus´ Church is referred to as "St. Sixti”, “St. Sixti-Kirche” or “Kirchenruine St. Sixti”.
Indeed, activities to build a new late Gothic nave were started in the 16th century AD, but works have never been completed.
The use of the structure was completely ceased at the end of the 16th century AD instead.
Therefore, St. Sixtus´ Church was already a ruined building since the mid-17th century AD. On top of that, it suffered further decay in the following centuries.
The preserved parts of the building include, on the one hand, the remains of the Romanesque west tower characterised by a square layout.
It was converted into a water tower in the years 1888-1889, and used as such until 1985.
On the other hand, the external walls of the nave characterised by buttresses and Romanesque arched windows, as well as remains of the east choir have been preserved.
The church tower, which was converted into a water tower, is also part of the technical heritage.
A protruding cylindrical upper section is mounted on the square lower section of the tower.
The upper section has got a characteristic conical roof, as well as four projecting bartizan-like structural components, which have small pointed conical roofs each.
Donations are meant to contribute to the preservation, restoration or renovation of St. Sixtus´ Church in Merseburg as well as of the architectural elements or features that exist there or used to exist there.
The support of projects from the field of science and research that are focused on these goals is included as well.
In addition, measures or facilities serving for visitor information or visitor orientation can also be supported.

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